NEW TRAD YAKITOREES, it is the only and authentic YAKITORI catering brand in India.

YAKITORI is the most familiar and indispensable traditional cuisine for all the people who love Japan or Japanese cuisine.

YAKITORI is skewered on a bamboo stick. We grill skewers over charcoal fire to maximize the umami of ingredients  (chicken, vegetables, or any ingredients of your choice) by far-infrared effect, and season them with our special sauce.

You can pick and eat skewers with your hands; therefore, it is suitable cuisine for a standing buffet party or an outdoor banquet. And of course, you can eat them with knifes and forks also at an elegant dinner table.

If you are looking for something to add color to your special occasion, try our YAKITORI!




 Thigh 100
Breast 100
Tenderloin (Breast Fillets) 100
Chicken Hamburg 100
Cheese Chicken Hamburg 100
Wings 100
Wings with skin


Neck Meat  150
Tail Meat 150
Chicken sausage 150
Bacon Tomato 150
Bacon Potato 100
Squid 150


 Zucchini  60
Bell pepper 60
Mushroom 60
Lady finger 60
Sweet corn 60
Potato with Butter 60
Paneer 60
Potato Paneer Tomato 60
Asparagus 150
Rice ball 100
Side Menu


Tuna Radish 100
Chicken Rice Burger 150

Goods and services tax (GST) 18% will be applicable to all menus.


1. Reservation

You can make a reservation anytime but at least 5 days in advance.


Options for reservation:

  • Reservation Form  
  • tel:          8860214779   
  • email:    info@newtrad.net 

    If you would like to make a reservation by email, please inform us below

  1. Name of the host
  2. Mobile number
  3. Address
  4. Date
  5. Time to start
  6. Number of guests
  7. Menu of your choice


We will contact you as soon as your reservation is confirmed.


*Minimum order is 15,000 rupees without tax.


*If you find it difficult to choose the menu, we will arrange a course meal for you. Please let us know your budget.





  1. We will arrive 1 hour before your reservation.
  2. We will start preparing for cooking and making a fire with charcoal at your designated location.
  3. We will start serving at the time of your reservation.
  4. Please make your payment by cash or cheque after the full menu is served.
  5. We will finish catering within 3 hours from the reservation time.




You can cancel without any cancellation fee until 48 hours before the reservation time.

Period of cancellation Cancellation fee
48 hours or more Nil
24-48 hours 25%
 6-24 hours  50%
0-6 hours 100%


Q. What is YAKITORI?

A. YAKITORI is a popular skewered grilled chicken dipped in "tare" (special sauce based on soy sauce) in Japan.


Q. In which area can we ask to come for catering?

A. We basically offer our catering service in south Delhi and Gurgaon. If you would like to have our service in other areas, we may ask additional travel expense as per distance, which can be discussed.


Q. Can we ask to prepare YAKITORI in a closed environment?

A. We require open space such as garden, roof terrace, or balcony. We use charcoal for grills, and it may cause smoke.  

(e.g. We need space about 1.5m x 2.5m to have a small party with less than 15 persons.)


Q. Until when can we make a reservation?

A. Please make a reservation at least 5 days prior to the date of party. But please do contact in case of short notice as well.


Q. How much is the minimum order?

A. Minimum order is 15,000 rupees without tax.


Q. Do you have drink menu?

A. We do not offer any drinks. Please prepare them by yourself.